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"No Weapon formed against you will prosper." Isaiah 54:17

“Be not hasty in thy
spirit to be angry:
for anger rests in
the bosom of fools.”
Ecclesiastes 7:9

Poem of The Month

Don’t Worry
(Matthew 6:34)

Don’t worry about tomorrow.
You did that yesterday.
Go on with your life,
And remember always to pray.

Ask and it shall be given to you,
But this great truth you already know.
Your harvest comes from what you sow.

I will say it again and even more,
Until it becomes crystal clear.
Tomorrow will take care of itself,
But worry is another word for fear.

Now here’s what I want you to. do.
Trust in the Lord and be of good cheer.
Drop the worry from your vocabulary
And cast out that demon of fear.

Written By
John Marinelli


Back To Basics

A Christian Mindset

A Perspective Is A Mindset. It’s How You Think.

The perspectives mentioned in this eBook are spiritual “Building Blocks”. They will give you a mindset that will shape your thinking and change your reality. Each perspective is God sent and anointed so you can establish a way of thinking that honors your Heavenly Father and glorifies the name of Jesus. They are also “Spiritual Vitamins” that will strengthen your faith and shape your destiny.

All of the perspectives must be applied to your daily thought life in order to be of any benefit. Just knowing them will not accomplish any true mindset shift. You must take them to heart and live in them. Make Them Your Confession of Faith and they will keep you walking in faith and doing God’s will.

I have presented each perspective as my own confession of faith. I look at them often and believe them with my whole heart. I have noticed that this process has indeed caused me to walk in the Spirit, identify evil attacks and snares, and made it easier to discern the Will of God in my daily life.

It is my hope that those that read this eBook will study each perspective and make them their confession of faith too. They are life changing for sure.

We will be discussing many different perspectives. As I mentioned previously, each perspective is a “Building Block” that, when attached to each other, form a Christian Mindset. Listed below is an alphabetical listing of those perspectives. They are Life changing perspectives. If you see one in the Scriptures that I missed email me and I will review it for future additions.

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